The Unwrinkled Ear

The Unwrinkled Ear 
is dedicated to showcasing
the international world
of improvised music
(and its relatives)
in performances, exhibitions,
collaborations, and publications.
It is possible because of support
from Black Editions.


Anthony Braxton
October 6, 2023 @ First Congregational Church



Eric Vloeimans and Will Holshouser
Wendy Richman
October 13, 2023 @ Beyond Baroque

Oceans Roar 1000 Drums
(Bryan Eubanks, Todd Capp, Xavier Lopez)
John Bischoff
Sunik Kim
Sally Decker & Brendan Glasson (All Vessels)
November 4, 2023 @Coaxial

Will Guthrie
Chanell Crichlow
November 18, 2023


Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt
Bernd Buerklin
June 16, 2023  @ Beyond Baroque

Judith Hamann
Stephan Crump
March 7, 2023 @ Beyond Baroque

Patrick Shiroishi & Ang Wilson Big Band playing Steve Lacy
Andrea Centazzo/ Ellen Burr/ Jeff Schwartz
(West Coast Jazz Trio) also celebrating Lacy
November 10, 2022 @2220 Arts + Archives


Rhodri Davies
Vicki Ray, Kirin McElwain, Meara O’Reilly
October 20 and 21, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Ute Wassermann 
Ute Wassermann, William Roper, Vicki Ray, Danny Frankel
July 15, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Sabine Vogel
Alex Nowitz
Will Alexander/ Bobby Bradford/ Lester McFarland
June 22, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Marshwah Ensemble
(Heather Lockie, Eric KM Clark,
Kaitlin Wolfberg, Ezra Buchla, Emily Elkin)
Clay Chaplin/ Tim Feeney/ Davey Sumner
June 9, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Simon Whetham
Richard Chartier
May 28, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Jason Kahn
Gabie Strong & Ang Wilson
Devin Sarno
May 21, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Biliana Voutchkova & Sarah Davachi
April 6, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Biliana Voutchkova/ Sabine Vogel/ Michael Zerang
April 7, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander
Luca Formentini
February 15, 2022 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Jessica Pavone
Amy Cimini
Judith Berkson / Corey Fogel / Ezra Buchla / Mattie Barbier
Saturday February 5th @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Bob Burnett’s What Is Man and What Is Guitar? (screening)
Jeremiah Cymerman solo
Jeremiah Cymerman/ Cassia Streb/ Brian Griffith/ Kern Haug 
Saturday November 27, 2021 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Hanno Leichtmann
Chichi Draving & Chris Brian Taylor
Friday November 12, 2021 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Tatsuya Nakatani & Oliver Steinberg solos and duo
Thursday October 28, 2021 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Joe McPhee & Bobby Bradford
Co-presented with LAXART
Monday October 25, 2021 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Hamid Drake/ William Parker/ Patricia Nicholson
Tuesday October 12, 2021 @ 2220 Arts + Archives


Martín Escalante & Teté Leguia
Judith Berkson
Eloe Omoe
October 8, 2021 @2220 Arts + Archives


Martín Escalante & Jesse Ward
Dominique Matelson & Corey Fogel & William Roper 
Quintet of All of the Above
November 1, 2020 @Sycamore Grove Park 


Wendy Eisenberg & Eugene Chadbourne
Solos and a Duo (Premiere)
March 9, 2020 @The Bootleg Theatre


Jones Jones: Vladimir Tarasov/ Mark Dresser/ Larry Ochs – TRIO
+ Thomas Ankersmit
January 14, 2020 @ Zebulon


Éliane Radigue: Occam Ocean
Performed by Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Charles Curtis, 
Rhodri Davies, and Robin Hayward
December 06, 2019 @ First Congregational Church of Los Angeles
review by Tamzin Elliott


Radu Malfatti with Ang Wilson + Laura Steenberge  )Premiere)
Erika Bell  – gyrations: cool (movement 1) (Premiere)
Ang Wilson / Laura Steenberge  – Short Solos to start the night
November 30, 2019 @ Edgar Gallery


Radu Malfatti – Solo
Patrick Shiroishi – Solo
November 29, 2019 @ Edgar Gallery


Hanno Leichtmann

Sarah Belle Reid

Bernd Buerklin/ Liam Mooney 

October 25, 2019 @ Coaxial


Michael Morley

Nick Malkin and Jeremy Kennedy (Premiere)

July 13, 2019 @ Zebulon


Shelley Hirsch  – Solo

Thea Fahradian  – Solo

Shelley Hirsch + Thea Farhadian + William Roper + Andrea Centazzo – Quartet (Premiere)

June 27, 2019 @Coaxial


Judith Hamann – Solo (Australia)

Joe Moffett –  Solo (New York)

Receptacles (Joe Williamson/ Dennis Egberth/ Anton Toorell) -

June 9, 2019 @Coaxial

Urs Leimgruber  Solo
Tatsuya Nakatani  Solo
Leimgruber/Nakatani Duo (Premiere)
May 15, 2019 @Automata


Jean-Luc Guionnet – Pipe Organ Solo
April 22, 2019 @ Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church


Jean-Luc Guionnet & Lotus Edde Khouri: saxophone and dance
Afterburner (Audrey Chen + Doron Sadja)
Jean-Luc Guionnet/ William Hutson/ Jeremy Kennedy: Trio (Premiere)
April 20, 2019 @ Human Resources


Gerry Hemingway / Samuel Blaser 
Jeff Schwartz / Anne LeBaron / Charles Sharp 
Sunday April 14, 2019 @Coaxial


Peter Evans & Sam Pluta
Liam Mooney
David Watson & John Krausbauer
Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney
January 27, 2019 @ Coaxial 


Pauline Lay/ Garrett Wingfield (Premiere)
Eugene Chadbourne
Gordon Grdina Quartet 
December 5, 2018 @ Coaxial


Sontag Shogun
Suzie Kozawa/ Ang Wilson (Premiere)
Booker Stardrum/ Andrew Bernstein (Premiere)
November 17, 2018 @ Coaxial


Tetuzi Akiyama
Tetuzi Akiyama & John Krausbauer
Tetuzi Akiyama/ Micaela Tobin/ Chris Martin (Premiere)
October 12th, 2018 @Zebulon


Gordon Grdina/ Eyvind Kang/ Chris Speed/ Shahzad Ismaily/ John Herndon/ Patrick Shiroishi Sextet (Premiere)
Konk Pack (Roger Turner, Tim Hogkinson, Thomas Lehn)
September 17, 2018 @ Zebulon


Hanno Leichtmann
Audrey Chen
September 24, 2018 @ Coaxial


Sult (Guro Moe, Jacob Felix-Heule, Håvard Skaset)
Anna Homler/ Micheal Intriere/ William Roper
Daniel Meyer/ Adam Zuckerman
August 29, 2018 @ Coaxial


Paul Giallorenzo Solo
Lori Goldston Solo
Jacob Wick/ Claire Rousay Duo
Paul Giallorenzo/ Lori Goldston/ Jacob Wick/ Claire Rousay Quartet
June 21, 2018 @ Avenue 50 Studio


Joe Williamson / Tomo Jacobson / Wilson Shook (Premiere)
Eggwa (Josh Haden/ Mike Watt/ Danny Frankel)
May 4, 2018 @ PS Kaufman


The Unwrinkled Ear Festival of Improvised Music
Evan Parker Solo
Kjell NordesonSten Sandell Duo
Roscoe Mitchell Solo
Roscoe Mitchell/ Evan Parker / Bobby Bradford Trio (Premiere)
Sten Sandell Solo
Bobby Bradford/ Evan Parker/ Kjell Nordeson/ Roscoe Mitchell/ Sten Sandell Quartet (Premiere)
April 7 and 8, 2018 @First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica

[[[personablack]]]  –  Solo
Useless Wing (Victoria Darlington) –  Solo
Arrington de Dionyso / Ben Bennett – Duo
Carro/ Darlington/ Dionyso/ Miller + Patrick Shiroishi,  Martín Escalante, China Lake Sunflower, Nathan Gibson Octet (Premiere)
January 25, 2018 @Coaxial Arts


Bernd Buerklin – Solo
Frantz Loriot/ Theresa Wong/ Christian Kobi  – Trio KOLOWO
Bernd Buerklin/ Frantz Loriot/ Theresa Wong/ Christian Kobi- Quartet
October 7, 2017 @Coaxial Arts


Noel Meek (electronics) & Elaine Carey (electronics) – Duo (Premiere)
Elaine Carey & Christian Asplund (viola) – Duo (Premiere)
Christian Asplund and Noel Meek – Duo (Premiere)
September 29, 2017 @Coaxial Arts


Bernadette Zeilinger (recorder)/ Diego Muné (guitar)/ T.J. Borden (cello) – La Musa Trio
Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello)  – Solo
Fred Lonberg-Holm / William Roper (tuba) – Duo (Premiere)
Ulrich Krieger (amplified saxophones) / Joshua Carro (amplified drums) – Blood Oath
September 7, 2017 @Collective Arts Incubator


Biliana Voutchkova (violin) & Helga Fassonaki (pocket trumpet/ electronics) – Duo
Biliana Voutchkova (violin) & Shelley Burgon (harp/ electronics) – Duo
Helga Fassonaki (pocket trumpet/ electronics) & Shelley Burgon (harp/ electronics) – Duo (Premiere)
August 17, 2017 @Coaxial Arts

Eugene Chadbourne with Corey Fogel
Three Thirds (Claire Chenette/Heather Lockie/ Jake Rosenzweig/ Alex Wand)
Elana Mann – New Works for Voices and Sculptures (Premieres)
Performed and composed by Micaela Tobin, Chelsea Rector, Conrad Freiburg & Elana Mann
July 3, 2017 @Zebulon

Dave Rempis/ Jeff Parker/ Ted Byrnes/ SK Kakraba
Rempis Solo
Rempis/ Parker/ Byrnes Trio (Premiere)
Rempis/ Parker/ Byrnes/ Kakraba Quartet (Premiere)
May 26, 2017 @Collective Arts Incubator

Borbetomagus live
“Borbetomagus – A Pollock of Sound” West Coast Film Premiere
DJ set by Geneva Skeen
May 13, 2017 @ The Downtown Independent

Jean-Luc Guionnet (alto saxophone) – Solo
Kyle Motl & Øyvind Brandtsegg (doublebass & live processing) – Duo
Jean-Luc Guionnet (alto saxophone) & James Rushford (virginal piano) & William Hutson (tape & electronics) – Trio (Premiere)
April 21, 2017 @ Coaxial Arts Foundation

Street Terms Vol. 2 Book Release Party
Jay Erker
Brian Griffith & Elaina Morgan
Corey Fogel + Andrew Choate + Laura Steenberge
Country Animal
April 8, 2017 @ Collective Arts Incubator

Tony Buck – new methods for solo percussion and mechanical drumming machines
Tony Buck (drums) / Yosuke Kitazawa (guitar) / Roksana Zeinapur (voice) (Premiere)
Country Animal: Chelsea Rector (autoharp and voice), Conrad Freiburg (guitar) & Frank Van Duerm (bass)
March 6, 2017 @ Summer Home

Dror Feiler – Agitatorium
February 20th, 2017 @ Betalevel

Dror Feiler (reeds) & Lasse Marhaug (electronics)
February 15, 2017 @ Collective Arts Incubator

Jacob Wick (trumpet)/ Kathleen Kim (violin – Duo (Premiere)
Jacob Wick (trumpet)/ Marc Riordan (keys) – Duo
Mankinda (Steve Flato on voice & electronics; A. F. Jones on synth & guitars; Nick Lesley on drums & electronics)
@ Collective Arts Incubator – February 9, 2017

Martín Escalante Record Release Party
Lukas Ligeti Welcome to Los Angeles Party
Matt Mottel Is on Tour Party
Andrew Choate Theoral No. 11 Book Release Party
Martín Escalante (alto saxophone) Solo
Lukas Ligeti (percussion)/ Matt Mottel (keys) Duo
Company style mixed groupings, all premieres
with Escalante/ Mottel/ Ligeti
+ Elaine Carey / Corey Fogel / Oliver Steinberg 
@ Dynasty Center – Friday January 13, 2017

Nocturnal Effects
Biliana Voutchkova solo
Rob Magill  / Helga Fassonaki duo (Premiere)
Biliana Voutchkova / Rob Magill / Helga Fassonaki  trio (Premiere)
@Dynasty Center – Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Opened Rinse
Sun Araw/ Kathleen Kim/ Brian James Griffith trio (Premiere)
@Outside Gallery – Friday, October 21st, 2016

Interpreting BarDem Interpreting: For 6 Voices: Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras +
Anna Homler/ Will Alexander/ Chelsea Rector/ Mathew Timmons
(United States Premiere)
Three Duo Improvisations
Anna Homler/ Jacques Demierre (Premiere)
Will Alexander/ Vincent Barras (Premiere)
Chelsea Rector/ Mathew Timmons (Premiere)
Two Trio Improvisations
Jacques Demierre/ Will Alexander/ Chelsea Rector (Premiere)
Anna Homler/ Vincent Barras/ Mathew Timmons (Premiere)
@Dynasty Center – Friday, October 14th, 2016

Welcome Here
Jacques Demierre – solo piano
Jacques Demierre (piano)/ Vincent Barras (voice)/ Thierry Simonot (electronics) – trio
@MiMoDa – Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gabie Strong
Burning Star Core
The Dead C
@ The Echo – Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Reheat & Shiver
C. Spencer Yeh solo
C. Spencer Yeh/ Magda Mayas duo (World Premiere)
SK Kakraba solo
SK Kakraba/ Tony Buck duo (World Premiere)
@ Villa Aurora – Saturday September 24, 2016

Red on Red
Magda Mayas solo
Maja S. K. Ratkje solo
Magda Mayas and Maja S. K. Ratkje duo (World Premiere)
@ Montserrat DTLA – September 8, 2016

2 x 4 = 88 : Four Piano/ Drum Duets in One Night
Areni Agbabian/ Corey Fogel duo (World Premiere)
Areni Agbabian/ Tony Buck duo (World Premiere)
Magda Mayas/ Corey Fogel duo (World Premiere)
Magda Mayas/ Tony Buck duo (Spill)
@ Montserrat DTLA – August 29, 2016

Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic Exhibition Celebration
Magda Mayas solo
Tony Buck solo
Magda Mayas/ Tony Buck duo
@ Klowden Mann – July 16, 2016

Local Luck Summer Grab
Chelsea Rector/ Geneva Skeen duo (World Premiere)
Jeremy Kennedy/ Corey Fogel duo (World Premiere)
Sam Rowell/ Teasips duo (World Premiere)
@ The Hopper – June 25, 2016

Welcome Back Mr. B
Peter Brötzmann Quartet
w/ Jason Adasiewicz/ John Edwards/ Steve Noble
@ The Echoplex – May 16, 2016

Within the Trio
Larry Ochs/ Dave Rempis/ Darren Johnston
@ Michael Todd’s Studio – April 9, 2016

Calling All Angles
Martin Küchen solo
Angles 3 (Martin Küchen/ Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/ Kjell Nordeson)
@ Michael Todd’s Studio – March 31, 2016


Hand Me Orange
Tania Chen solo
Jon Leidecker (Wobbly) solo
Clay Chaplin solo
Tania Chen/ Jon Leidecker duo
@ the wulf – February 6, 2016


Students of Vulnerability
Jacob Wick/ Teasips duo (World Premiere)
Christian Weber/ Ulrich Krieger duo (World Premiere)
Jacob Wick/ Christian Weber/ Teasips/ Ulrich Krieger Quartet (World Premiere)
@ Betalevel – January 29, 2016

One One One One To Love

Jacob Wick solo
Christian Weber solo
Jacob Wick/ Christian Weber duo (World Premiere, performance released on cassette by Marginal Frequency)
@ the wulf – January 28, 2016


Thick Boat
Tomo Jacobson/ Sun Araw/ Jeremy Kennedy trio (World Premiere)
Tomo Jacobson/ Sun Araw duo (World Premiere)
Tomo Jacobson solo
@ Betalevel -December 19, 2016


Playing Here With You
Shelley Burgon/ Neil Harrison duo
Jacques Demierre/ Urs Leimgruber duo
Screenings of “Temporaneous” & “Barre Phillips: Live in Vienna” (Los Angeles Premieres)
@ ArtShare – October 21, 2015


Want Some
Mazen Kerbaj solo
Ted Byrnes solo
Mazen Kerbaj/ Ted Byrnes duo (World Premiere)
@ The Pop-Hop – February 15, 2015


Ring Ring Ringing
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten solo
Kjell Nordeson solo
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/ Kjell Nordeson duo
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/ Kjell Nordeson/ Bobby Bradford trio surprise
@ The Pop-Hop – January 11, 2015


Cosmic Brujo Shuffle
Conrad Freiburg solo
Jacob Wick solo
Marco Eneidi/ Gabriel Lauber duo
@ The Hopper – May 17, 2014


Reasoning to Listen
Screening of “Misha Enzovoort” (U.S. Premier)
Han Bennink/ Mary Oliver duo
Han Bennink/ Mary Oliver/ Peter Kolovos mixed groupings
@ The Downtown Independent – February 6, 2014


The Unwrinkled Ear is also the moniker Andrew Choate uses for his radio show on KCHUNG. He has interviewed several performers from the concert series in-studio, often with live performances, including
Urs LeimgruberFred Lonberg-Holm, Biliana Voutchkova,
Conrad FreiburgJean-Luc Guionnet, Lasse Marhaug,
Ang Frances WilsonJacob Wick, Martín Escalante, Anna Homler,
Jeremy Kennedy, Dave Rempis, Will Alexander, Bernd Buerklin,
Magda Mayas & Tony Buck, Shelley Hirsch & Thea Farhadian, William Roper, etc.