Andrew Choate is a writer, artist, and performer from South Carolina based in Los Angeles. His books include Learning, Language Makes Plastic of the Body, Stingray Clapping, and Too Many Times I See Every Thing Just the Way It Is. As a passionate admirer of bollards – the concrete and steel posts that protect buildings, equipment, and people from vehicles – Choate adopts the persona of Saint Bollard, performing with and photographing these ubiquitous objects (IG @saintbollard), leading Slate to call him “the world’s foremost bollard photographer.” Awards for this work include Best Newcomer, Best Visual/ Performance Art and the Warwick Broadhead Memorial Award at Fringe Festivals in Dunedin and Auckland.

His writings on music and art have been published in The Wire, Signal to Noise, The Attic, Coda, Art Ltd., d’Art International, and Facsimile while his visual work has been exhibited at the Yerevan Center for Contemporary Art, the Torrance Art Museum, Barnsdall Art Park, The University of Western Australia, Mullany High, the Giradeau Chapel, Uranus Garden, High Energy Constructs, and Overca$h Gallery among others. His solo show, Demon Purse, sold out at General Projects. Choate’s radio plays and sound works have been broadcast at various outlets in both the US and abroad.