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Improvised Reading with Sun Araw on Sounds

Not a typical activity on my part is improvising with my texts or my voice. The only times I’ve done it in public were with Tim Daisy (drums) and a trio with Magda Mayas (clavinet) and Tony Buck (drums). Those were short. This live broadcast on dublab from 2-4pm on August 18th, 2017 , however, is a two hour experiment in improvising with my writings and other sounds, and was performed in collaboration with – and at the behest of – Sun Araw. To add another layer into the mix, I brought about 50 CDs I made for DJ and sampling purposes circa 2001-2003 and asked Cameron to play with them. He mixed those into his own sound bag, and in a way it felt like a trio: between myself reading and singing, myself 14 years before when I made the CDs, and Cam.
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